Nightforce Reticle Question...


Jan 17, 2004
I'm certain I am going to be purchasing the Nightforce Benchrest 12-42x scope. The problem I am having is choosing the reticle. I would like to get the NPR2 ranging reticle, but I am concerned with the thickness of the `wires' compared to some of the other reticles. If they are true to scale in comparisons, it seems like they would obscure a lot of the target....particularly a small target like a prairie dog or woodchuck. I do some medium and long range target, and some varmint, so I'm looking for a reticle that will do both really well. Compared to the NP1-RR the NPR2 reticle looks at least twice as thick. Anyone have any experience with these to know how they `really' look? I'm looking for real world pros and cons of each reticle.
I have used the NP-1RR extensivly and the R2 a little. I like the R2 over the 1RR. I dont think the R2 is all that thick. My mk4 is about .2 MOA or .25 MOA thick. I dont recall the R2 to be that thick. I can see a 3" spot at 1k with my mk4 with that huge reticle. I think you would like the R2. At 1k with my 1RR I can quater at 3" spot on 22x and still see the 1/2" square behind the cross hair in the very center of the spot.

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I have used my NP-R2 retical in 1000yard BR compition, and I have an 1100yard rock chuck kill useing the NP-R2 in the 8-32 NXS. I really like it, and feel very confident in useing this retical. I now have three NXS scopes with the NP-R2 retical. This retical doe's work in the real world.

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