Nightforce problems.???

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Hey guys.. I read an article by Max Reppel in the latest edition of the VHM that eluded to some sort of problems with a Nightforce scope whilst varminting out to and past the 1K mark.. Enough of a problem that he felt justified in trading it in on one of Bruce "The 2500 Yard Club" Artus' 8.5-25x Leupolds..
.. Since these are the exact two I was considering for my present project I wondered if any of you may have some input on this..
.. The rifle is a Viper actioned .260AI fast twist with Stiller's 20min rings.. Thanks in advance.. JiNC
Jake, I didn't read the article but I am betting he was not happy with the vertical MOA adjustment. It is not as great as the Leopold you spoke of but unless you are shooting over a very wide low to high spread, a proper base will solve the problem and the nightforce is still the superior scope optically.
My 12x42 ran out of clicks at 1k shooting a 7/300WSM with the 162 AMAX. I got the 20 MOA rings. Problem solved.

What was the writers complaint?
".. Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.."
Hehehe.. And for everything else,there's MasterCard.!! Nice one,Mike..

.. He really didn't specify in the article what the problem was..(NF advertises in the magazine the article was in.) I have always heard that outside of a little "price fixing" scheme the Nightforce scopes were great scopes.. As cheesy as it may sound tho' my only real reason for going with the NF over the Leupold would be that way cool NP-R2 reticle.. If Leupold offered something similar(not mil-dots) I'd stay with them.. JiNC
I like my 5.5-22 NF alot, mine has the R2 reticle also. It's easy to use and makes alot of sense. From rangefinding to measuring and for instant corrections after spotters are fired, it's the best out there. Leopold would do good to use it too.

Mine has 99 MOA vertical adjustment so it's all I'll ever need.

Just got done doing some shooting today with the 300 Ultra at some rocks up in the mountains between 760 and 1175 yards at about a 30 degree uphill angle.

My brother can call my hits looking through his NF 5.5-22 too, telling me instantly where I hit and measuring how many MOA off the zero was with mine. If he says 2 or something, I can either hold over 2 moa or dial it in, same with windage. Beautifull I say.

We ended the shootout fun with off hand only at 1000 yards. We were right on or within a 6" of the 12" to 18" targets every time, really surprized me. Lots of fun.

Wonder what kind of problem he was having with the scope of his too, funny he never said.
I also have a Nightforce 5.5X22 NP-R2 reticle. The problem is that at 100 yards-300 yards the reticle is not in focus for me, but at 400 yards, its pretty clear. The side focus doesnt help and it doesnt look like you can turn the back like a Leopold or IOR to adjust the reticle focus. Does anybody know how to adjust it? Thank you
Never had the problem, have you contacted NF about it? I returned mine to them for a look, they fixed and returned it in I think 3 or 4 days back at my door! I had 89MOA vertical adjustment not 100 as advertised. They said it hadn't been machined down far enough on something or another, it has 99MOA available now. Fast service for sure, you won't wait long if they want it back.
.. Hey fellas.. Thanks for the responses.. These NF scopes seem to vary a good bit between them as far as total MOA adjustment and prices go.. And the price difference between the side and front parallax adjusting models is somewhat stifling.. I can reach an extra 6" a whole lotta times for $300+ but I guess the extra 15MOA somehow justifies the cost difference.??..
.. I see the Hybrid NXS @ 8-32x has 65MOA Elev and the BR/Varmint model has only 50MOA.. While the 5.5-22 claims 100 MOA.. I wonder how this model would fare as a 8-32x.? Then the inevitable question of how much magnification is actually needed/desired.?? Thanks for your input.!! I look forward to more.!! JiNC

PS- Does it look like I'm trying to talk myself into a NF.?? Hehehe... And I screwed up in my first post.. This scope is for a Python actioned 30-338 with Stiller's 20min tapered rings..

To add my two cents here.

I have had several Nightforce scopes from the 8X to 32X and the 12X to 42X and they do have some fine features that Leupold does not have in their 8 1/2X to 25 X Longrange (50 MM and side wheel focus) series such as the selection of reticules for instance.

With that being said, I think we are all wanting the best optics and I also think the Leupold 8 1/2X to 25X Longrange with the sidewheel focus and 50 MM objectives is the superior scope in this department as to "MY" eyes. I have had several people I know tell me the same thing though.

You would have to lay the two scopes down beside each other and set the power setting the same for BOTH and then make your own decision. That's exactly what I did and the findings were apparent. I sold three of my Nightforce scopes after I did the comparison.

The cost on the NXS Nightforce is more then $1350.00 and you can buy a Leupold LR for around $730.00. That tells me you could have "almost" two Leupold Longrange scopes for the price of one Nightforce.

Both scopes are VERY well made and you really can't go wrong with either one.
One is made in Japan (Nightforce) and the other one (for the most part) is made in the USA.

Your decision.


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I have an NXS 3.5x15x50 mildot and like it for what I use it for, but I have noticed some small items, which another shooter I know has also noticed with his.

The problem arose when I was doing a track tests. The first 6 moa of travel from 100 yard zero moves the POI 7.5", while the second 6 moved it 6" as it should have. The track was exactly the same on the way back down, but when the scope is dialed down the windage drifts between 3/4 to 1 moa to the right. The scope repeated itself perfectly, so I let it go. The problem I have is that I'm unsure of exactly where the reticle will move to when I make adjustments I haven't made before. If I could go through EVERY scenario and record the adjustmenst needed it wouldn't be a problem, but the scope will never be predicatble to me, so I don't trust it to do anything but hold zero. It's fine for prone matches with unlimited sighters, but I wouldn't trust my life, or others lives, to this scope.

I also don't have the full 100 MOA elevation. Without my notes I can't say for sure just how much it has, but I believe it has 89.75 MOA stop to stop.

In Nighforces defense, I haven't sent it in to be checked yet, as it's on my 1K prone rifle and I have one more match this season. Great glass, great turrets, great feeling, sturdy scope,, just not predicatble.

I would buy another one,,, but the price would have to be right. Otherwise, I'd get the Leupold.

..Interesting points,DC.. And at the D&B site NF claims to be "Made in the USA".....D&B NF...
.. Hmmm.. Not a damning trait in and of itself but for "almost" twice the price I'd expect twice the scope.. The law of diminishing returns seems to be in affect here to an extent.. And Bruno's actually lists the Leupold at $706.. I'm sure my eyes probably couldn't tell any significant difference in the two even side by side.. (Quite the expensive experiment.. I've had enough of those already.. Hehehe.)
.So basically would it actually come down to is the NP-R2 reticle and illumination a $200-$500 value.?? I know Leupold warranty is excellent.. I sent a VariXII that was so old it had turned purple back for service and had it back in less than two weeks..
.. I hear NF has an exceptional service record also..
..It's a difficult decision but the math is pretty easy.. Hehehe .. JiNC

You may want to check out what country the Nightforce is being made in.

As of recent (within a year), they were made in Japan.

I undersatand they have a facility to change reticules and such in this country. From what I was told by responsible folks who know, the scope is made and assembled in Japan.

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