SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce NXS 12-42x56

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Feb 18, 2007
I've got a new in box NXS 12-42x56. I recently bought this to put on a rifle that is going to be put off getting built. This scope is brand new in box with all paperwork, never mounted on anything. Its got the NPR-1 reticle. .25 moa adjustments. I'll take $1650 shipped/insured for the scope.

I can get pictures if someone is interested.

I'm honestly not sure. I'll have to look at it when I get back home tonight. It does have I believe 20 moa adjustment in one turn. Ill confirm as soon as I find out and get some pics uploaded.
I'll be getting in late tonight guys...I'll get some pictures,and more info up either late tonight or in the morning. Thanks

Here are the pictures as promised guys....I'm almost positive this scope does not have zero stop or high speed turrets...I'm not sure though. I'm sure someone more familiar with these scopes will chime in and say what it is. This is only my second night force. The other was a BR model that I sold a couple years back.



Beautiful scope... good luck on the sale,, some should grap it

anyone got a C 107 FS ?
It has high speed turrets and the lens cleaner looks like it says zero stop on it. It might say on one end of the box or the other. Please let me know. [email protected]
I'm 99% positive this scope does NOT have the zero stop. The reason I was not 100% sure, is because it said zero stop on the lens protector that came with the scope. This scope is Nightforce part # C331. They are at for $1981 with free shipping. It's a super nice scope! I'll take the asking price of $1650 shipped/insured.

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