Newcon OPTIK Laser Rangefinder

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I just called those folks about price and availability of the 20,000 (LRB 20,000) meter unit.

Requires a form, release to Military (and other offical use) types and needs clearance from Canadian Government prior to release and discussion(s). (Official response from NewCon official at the company).

Reason being is, they are very powerful and are not eye safe and one must be careful.

They won't sell to anyone other then military and police from what I have been told.

Darryl Cassel

I just called that company and I think I better raise my prices on the laser units I have left.

I have a Longrange and Optics business and they will sell me those units for $6500.00 Wholesale and $10,000.00 retail from THEM.

He was surprised when I said I have 3 or 4 of them that are brand new. No waiting period like their's.

****, at $2950.00 I've been giving them away.

Last chance for anyone, $2950.00 brand new Russian Laser 20000 KM laser Military rangefinders. Price will go up soon, no doubt.

Darryl Cassel
If I only had $2950.00
Is the price Canadian or US fund? (from Newcon-Optik).
If it is US fund then Darryl has a wonderful deal to any of you to buy his Russian Rangefinder. I wish my money tree could grow that fast. I'm still interested purchasing yours but I need to find a way to get more $$$. (Right now, the exchange rate is terrible). The only choice that I can do is to limit the range that I can shoot with my Bushnell 600 for now.

300 Tomahawkallthewaay
Just pass you some info on new Laser Rangefinder.
It will range up to 10,000m to 20,000m. I haven't experiment with it compared to the Russian Rangefinder. The shape of the LPR-1 looks like Russian Rangefiner, doesn't it?
I have emailed and ask for the price. It is only two hours away from my place. Not sure if it will release to the public, only for the commerical purpose.

Have a look at:

300 Tomahawkallthewaay
That looks exactly like the Russian LRF, from the pictures I have seen anyway.

Since you are just down the street you should go check their rangefinders out.
I am interested in the 1500 meter binocular range finder but don't want to get it until I hear some feedback on it, like can it range past 500 yards without the target being the size of a house.

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I tested Newcon 1500 about two weeks ago. For 300.00 I was quite impressed. It seemed to be a solid 700-800 yard unit on deer size targets. The glass is pretty poor but it does range well. It out perfomed a Lecia 1200 hands down. I know rangefinders often vary from unit to unit. However, this unit was a real value for the money. Newcon is no stranger to rangefinders. They are military providers and they can give you the real deal if you have deep pockets. Another thing about the Newcon was the light firing trigger. You can get much easier handheld readings. The glass is not great but it is more than good enough.
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