Newbie reloading question


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Dec 12, 2009
Buckley, WA
I am venturing into reloading and have a question regarding once fired case length for 300 WSM.
The reloading manuals show the length of this case should be 2.100.
I have checked 2 of my once fired brass & nickel cases and found them to be 2.098 (WIN,Nickel) & 2.099 (FC,Brass), this is before resizing.
I am confused, I thought the cases were stretched when fired. What I am seeing is they either have shrunk or they were much shorter to start with.
Is what I am seeing common, or an I screwed up?

I don't know what manual you are looking @ but max. case length is 2.100,your right there.Trim length is 2.090,like winchester 69 said resize it check it,but if I were you I would trim it and depending on condition of your chamber you will probably will get two or three more loadings before you will have to trim again. ask lots of questions if your unsure,read alot- once you pull the trigger thers no turning back! good luck.:)
I have found that no matter what type of brass you buy (new) and one time fired, the brass is always under the book dimensions. It takes a couple of times of firing the cases to have them come up to the specs that are shown in the loading manules.
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