Newbie from New England


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Dec 6, 2012
Hi guys, came across this forum while surfing around looks like a good read.

About me: Currently LEO (24 yrs) and an avid hunter (wish I could more often!) Did the SWAT thing. Been to a few sniper schools. Two military schools, one a little on the advanced side (2 wks) and also a FBI basic. All on the departments dime. More into the hunting vs. the sniper stuff now but had a great time with it. Getting ready to retire soon. Young mans job.

I hunt/hunted mainly deer/blk bear in Maine, Vermont and Connecticut. My current favorite scoped rifle is a custom 8mm Remington Magnum on a 700 action I had built about 5 years ago (for my Alaska dream hunt..someday) I went with a 27" barrel so it's a real screamer (big Boddington fan). Thank you.