New Tool for the 300 Blackout Lover


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Sep 15, 2011
I designed and built a kit which will help the 300 blackout lover to produce 300 blackout brass from any 223 or 556 brass with ease. It takes out the need to hand trim every case and leaves you with only the need to run the full length brass through the first die and trimmer set up (1 step) then the FL Die. Tumble clean in stainless and you have perfect 300BO Brass. The video link below shows it in action on a dillon 1050 with power drive at 900 rounds per hour. The trimmer can easily be used with any of the dillon units with the short toolhead for 300 blackout or any single stage press with a top threaded die configuration (99% of the single stage presses) and an extended case holder.
You tube link: Titan Case Trimmer Kit