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Need suggestions, I am going to go back the USA Soon and have decided to start reloading, I have a 50 gallon drum full of brass that I have shot over the years, in Military storage, I need the reloader to be capable of reloading shells from 338 LM down to 223, also I would like progressive ( I think that is what it is called), able to go from powder sizing, crimping and the rest of functions with out changing dies...

Please help me out as I have only reloaded as a young teen age with a rock crusher in the 1980's.


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Mar 8, 2004
Spokane, WA
fmsniper, I agree for the money you can't beat a Dillon press for progressive reloading. Look at theit 550 with quick change die heads. You can set up one caliber and switch to another with the least amount of work. Reasonably priced, strong, and makes excellent ammo. Check out Dillon at their website


is this a good deal for 600.00

Dillon 550 B Progressive Reloader with Many Dies and Accessories Listed Below

Includes: Low Powder Indicator, 2 Tool Head Stands, Dillon Strong Mount

Titanium Carbide 3 Die Sets Below (Also includes a Die Sets of Non-TC 44Mag/Spl)

9mm RCBS (Mounted on Deluxe Quick Change Head (DQCH))

40/10mm Dillon (Mounted on DQCH) Powder Bar damaged but works, Includes spare

45acp Dillion (Mounted on DQCH)

38/357Mag RCBS

38 Super Redding

4-Dillon Caliber Conversion Kits

9mm/38 Super 40/10mm 45acp 38/357 Mag


Pact BBKII Digital Scale

Dillion Digital Caliper

Dillon CV-500 Cartridge Case Vibrating Cleaner

Dillon CM-500 Media Separator

Primer Flip Tray and all tools and accessories that came with reloader.


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Sep 17, 2005
I will add my .02 The Dillon is probably the best progressive out there. What makes is the best is the customer service they give. I was reloading on someone elses press and broke a part because the unit was out of adjustment. I was pushed for time reloading for a prairie dog hunt and didn't have but a few days before we had to leave WA for S Dakota. We called Dillon and got the part on the way. It was a few years ago and my memory is fading but I do remember being very impressed when the FEDEX man showed up the next day. Overnnight air -no charge- broken piece on equipment(probably 75% my fault)- no charge.
I don't load calibers in our Dillon that I don't shoot in quantity. In our 650 w/ the case feeder, I can honestly load 400 .223 rounds in an hour when I already have the brass ready and the primer tubes full. When loading for a dog shoot we use two guys. One to do everthig but pull the handle and the other guy pulls the handle. You have to keep powder in the tube, primers in the tubes, change out full cartridge bins to empty ones, put away the full cartridges in ammo cans or 50 round boxes. Keep bullets in front of the handle puller and keep cases in the case feeder.