New Scope! Zeiss LRP S3 6-36

I got out today with the 4-25 for an initial zero and shooting out to 1000 to check data. I looked at the parallax at the 300 yard and out range and it actually worked well when transitioning. 300-500 yard is close and not a lot of adjustment needed. When I went from 600 to 1000 it was basically the same. Set at 1000 I could come in and see and impact 600 yards without issue. I did have the parallax set at the block just before the white block at infinity at 1000 on the parallax knob. It was actually the same setting for the 4-25 and 6-36 at 1000. I have a match in 2 weeks I will be shooting with the 4-25 and will have targets out to 1600 yards so will be interested to see how it does that deep.

It was a pretty hot and humid day and the mirage was cooking today but the glass did very well with it. I put it next to my buddy's ZCO with both set at 25x and the ZCO we both thought it was close but the ZCO was a little better cutting the mirage as most would expect. Had no problem seeing and hitting the piece of shot up grey 6" steel at 550 yards today so The Zeiss did a good job.

I also ended up with about 37 mils of elevation with the 4-25 in a 20 moa mount on a 20 moa base. I didn't notice any shadowing in the edges when topped out in elevation. If I put it on my 40 MOA on the Vudoo I should be able to dial out past 600 yards with the .22LR. That's nice! ;)

Appreciate the update on your thoughts with this scope. Really interested to see how the parallax works when you stretch it to 1600. I know it's not the same class scope but I have a leica amplus that is lacking on the parallax starting around 600 yards. I did order this zeiss but no idea when it will be shipped.
Well I was finally able to get a Zeiss out to a match today! I took the LRP S3 4-25x50 on my 6.5 Creedmoor to the Coleman's Creek Atlantic Coast Regional PRS match today. Was a good match to bring the Zeiss out to as we shot to 1247 yards and they have a mile range so I was able to check out targets to a mile with the scope. Glass was great and able to see even shot up targets at longer ranges through some mirage. One thing I did notice was that the parallax was very forgiving from around 580 yards and out. One stage we had targets from about there to 1247 yards and I didn't have to touch the parallax. Had another stage from 300 yards to a little over 800 yards and I set it at about 400 and it worked great. The glass is very forgiving in this way. Scope tracked out to the 1247 yard target and if I didn't brain fart on that stage I would have gotten three hits there but when you shoot an extra on another target it takes away from that. LOL

The reticle was excellent for holds. I used it on half of the ten stages for holds as it was quicker. The day bright illumination works great. I used it on more than half the stages also as it showed better contrast on the shot up targets. All in all I am very happy with this scope. I am really fighting though with the thought of moving it to my other Vudoo when it gets rebarreled as it will have about 41 mils when it's said and done and mounted so can dial a long way with the .22. We will see.

I didn't get a lot of pictures but here are a few. Ended up 8th out of 101 shooters so not bad for a new scope on a 6.5 Creedmoor shooting factory ammo. ;)



Got my caps in from Zeiss. Very nicely made and a plus is that each cap comes with a Torx and it's the same as the one used for the knobs so you have extras. Looking at the caps I will probably leave the Torx in the objective caps but not the ocular as I know I would hit my bolt hand on it. My luck. LOL They are a separate purchase from the scope but a worthwhile one when compared to others. They go on easily enough and when tightened down they don't move. You won't worry about these popping off like some others do.


I have not got a chance to try my 4-25 yet. Mounted it on my 338 RUM heavy barrel for long range hunting and shooting. I must say that 46.5 mils of elevation was a real magnet. It is mounted a top a 20 moa rail so I will see how much elevation I have left when zeroed. When looking ing in the store this scope was much brighter than the Night Force NX8 and only 300 dollars more. Plus the 20 mils more elevation adjustment.