New scope for Remington 22-250


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Sep 19, 2007
Hi guys I have not posted here on this site to much. Well any ways I just bought a new scope for my new Remington 700 SPS Varmint 22-250. I picked up this rifle last month as used but it was still in box unfired.:D I got a great deal on the rifle. Well I knew I needed to put some decent glass on top of it and my new scope came in today from Fedex. I bought a Vortex Vipor 6.5x20x44 for it with the Mil Dot recticle. Here is a link to it.
Vortex Tactical - Viper 6.5-20x44 PA Mil Dot Reticle
I will be using this rifle for Groundhogs and targets out to 500 plus yards. I had this same rifle a couple years ago in the 243 and I popped a couple Groundhogs at 500 yards or so with it. I expect to be able to do the same with this rifle. I have the rings on the way and hope to get it all put together by this weekend. Then it is off to the range I go to get it sighted in then to the fields for some Groundhog hunting.gun) So what do you think of the Vortex Viper scopes? Take care Dale
Well I mounted the scope today and headed to the range. I have to say this is a very very clear scope and I like it a lot. I did not get around to shooting the box today. I pretty much just sighted it is and shot a couple groups with it today. The Mill Dots in the recticle seem to be correct. What I mean by that is at 100 yards 1 Mill Dot = 3.6". Well while looking through the scope today at the range at 100 yards the first Mill Dot was just a hair more than 3 1/2" from the center of the target with my scope set on 14 power like it should be set while using the Mill Dots. It is easy judging 3 1/2'' with these targets because they have 1" squares and I was just a little more than 3 1/2 sruares. It would seem that they have their spacing correct. When I left the range I went straight to one of the fields I hunt Groundhogs at. I got my second Groundhog of the year today with this new set up and the first Groundhog ever with this rifle. I saw him just as soon as I got there. He was about 250 yards out. He was nice enough to hang around for me to get the gun out of the truck load it and get set up for the shot. I did miss him the first shot. He just stood there looking around like what was that. I did nail him with the second shot though. Here are some pictures of the new set up and a couple groups I shot today. Next time I get to the range I will shoot the box with this scope. I have to say this though if you were to buy this scope you would not be disapointed. Take care Dale
Looks good, how does she shoot? Your one target showed a dime size and a quarter. Is the quarter farther away? The other problem is you missed both coins completely, you might want to check the scope!!!:D Just kidding, looks good and keep shooting!

sort of like cutting off of the line a little right dale?
hitting the hogs is all that matters, dont worry about what everybody thinks.
be worried about important things, like collecting your money after youve worked for it.
Dale: that rig of yours reminds me of my .22-250: An SPS, but with a black stock and stainless receiver/barrel (Cabela's); topped with a 20X Super Sniper. Something about that model that begs for a "tactical" style scope, although our 30mm ones add more weight to a fairly heavy rifle (but it's not all that bad.)Those Varmint SPS's seem to shoot pretty well; did you say what ammo that you used? That new stock should make it even better. Let us know how she does. I'll try to get pics of mine posted in the meantime.
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