New Savage.

Scott E

Jan 12, 2004
Salisbury, NC
I just recently bought a Savage 110FP in 7Mag I'm still working on getting it set up and was wondering if there is anything I should do first. I plan on using a Ken Farrell one piece base and maybe Burris rings my plan is to shoot in the factory 1000 yard class. All suggestions are welcome.
At this point it still has the factory stock and the Savage Accu trigger. It has been bedded and has a block in it. it has a 24" heavy and crowned barrell.
.. Hey Scott.. Glad ta see someone else from NC posting.. I just got a 112 in .308 and so far it's proving interesting right-from-the-box, but I'm sure it'll eventually end up with a few modifications.. I use the Burris Signature Zee's and have had good luck with them.. It's nice to be able to get more adjustment from a simple insert should I need it.. I'd be interested in keeping up with your progress.. d:^) JiNC
Make sure you bed the base to the action--follow ken's instructions.

what kind of stock is on it?--probably could benefit from bedding.

Might want a sharp shooters supple trigger as well--need as light as you can stand for 1K

What cal?

Hey Jake,
I will keep you posted if I can ever get started. Since I am a beginner at this long range addiction any and all suggestions excepted and appriciated.
Get your self a recoil lug from SSS and one of their triggers if you can afford it , they're much better than the accu trigger for extreme accuracy.
when you replace the recoil lug set you headspace to a minimun by using one of you resized cases as the headspace guage.
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