New .260 Savage

I'm hoping for around 2800fps but did'nt Chrono it yet, probaly will get it Chrono out this weekend. I broke it in with 120gr A-Maxs they shot really good over H4350. I think the EGW base would work but will be replacing it with a 15 MOA Steel Farrel or a Steel TPS 20MOA soon, it's kinda cheesy. And I am thinking of replacing the rings with Farrels or TPS's to. Oh and barrel is a 1-8" twist.

Hi! I own a 260 remington and chrono 120 grains nosler bullets at 3264 fps with 46 grains of imr 4350 in a 26 inch douglas barrel, other good loads are 47 grains of imr4350 with 100 grains hornady bullets, and 44 grains of imr 4350 behind a 140 gr sierra bullets. I hope to be helpful and good luck with your new 260
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