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SOLD/EXPIRED New RWS .300wm Brass FS 105.00/100 shipped


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Oct 22, 2008
Boise, ID
I bought a bunch of this in bulk and so I'm selling off what I don't need. If you buy 300 rounds or more it will be 100.00/100. I'll ship it in USPS flat rate boxes. This brass is tough, for those that have never used it. I have several cases from the ones I've used that have been over loaded numerous times and it keeps taking primers like a champ. It's as tough as any Lapua brass I've used.

I'll take 200. Please send me payment info. I can do PayPal as a gift if its ok.
Dan Z
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I'll take 100, please pm me where to send the payment and how you prefer it. I do PayPal too if you like it.