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Jul 29, 2004
I was curious If or how many people had tried some of the new powders and what they
thought about them ????

Hodgdon- Hybrid 100 V (burn rate somewhere between H 4350 and H4831).
IMR- 4007 SSC (Burn rate between IMR 4320 and IMR 4350).
Also IMR -7828 SSC (Same burn rate as regular IMR 7828).

The SSC (Super Short Cut) looks interesting with a 4% increase in case/load density .

Any comments will be appreciated.

I have a friend who uses it in his 220 Swift and swears by it. (IMR 4007) I tried it in my 243 and it was so so. I wasn't real happy eith the results.
I use the Hybrid in a 6.5-06. I have been happy with it, seems to be consistent. Pressures never seemed to spike in development. Meters nicely as well. Allows me to run a full case in this particular load. Hope this helps.

Hey J E C,

Ive only experience with one of those powders you mentioned IMR 7828 SSC I use it for my 416 WBY and its incredibly accurate Ive used it for some others but cant think of tha calibers off hand i'll try and look up the info and post it.

I have been told by others that the love IMR 4007 SSC so I bought some a while ago but I didnt try it yet. Also have got some Hybrid to try out. I believe sendero-man has tried it in hhis 243 AI and had promising results maybe he'll drop in and post his findings.

Either way im interested in this thread as well will keep an eye on it.
Thanks to all for posting the replies.

I have a few cartriges that are compressed or I have to use a drop tube
and these new powders look very interesting as a replacement.

I have been very happy with the H 4831 SC in performance and in the way
it measures. And was hoping that the SSC powders would cure some of the
problems with the other stick powders.

I know there is no magic powders but anything that will help to improve a already
good load would be great.

More input needed please !!!!



7828 ssc works very well in my 270 AM with 150gr and below bullet weights. Until I discovered 7828ssc I was launching those light bullets with US 869 with limited velocity and maximum muzzle blast.:rolleyes:

There has not been a single symptom of powder bridging with the short kernels. I like that. Had major problems with standard stick powders.

I suspect it may be a bit temperature sensitive but my seating depth may have contributed to the loss of about 50 FPS from 56*F to 30*F. Thourgh with the much shorter COAL (about 50 thou I would have expected pressure and velocity to go up?? Validation will happen shortly tho it will be delayed by a couple of days in the mountains.
I tried IMR 4007 ssc in my 6.5X47. Very accurate, and a low velocity spread and standard deviation. However velocity was disappointing in that particular cartridge. I've stuck with Re15 for 6.5X47.

Further testing in colder temps reveals very little 7828ssc temperature sensitivity.

Seating depth variations have much more affect.

Further testing in colder temps reveals very little 7828ssc temperature sensitivity.

Seating depth variations have much more affect.

Thanks to all .

And Roy that is good news because down hear temperature is a real problem with temp
swings as much as 50 or 60o in one day.and highs of 100o+.

I've used 7828sc in my 25-06 AI with the 115 vlds and after many powders I thought it was "the one". It gave the best velocity and decent accuracy one time. Loaded up a few and later test showed it to be the most temp sensitive powder I have tested yet. 100-120 fps swings from 90 to 45 degree weather. I've also tested H4831sc and it never gave the accuracy I was looking for.

It's hard to beat good old IRM 4831, 8 fps es and the best accuracy yet. Not to mention better velocity than H4831sc.
In that burn rate range you may want to add RL17 to the list a little faster burn rate than 4831. I am getting good results in my 06. I shoot 168 grain nosler BT at 3012 fps and 5/8" groups at 100yds.
100-120 fps swings from 90 to 45 degree weather. I've also tested H4831sc and it never gave the accuracy I was looking for.

I'd never notice the fps swings at higher (summer) temperatures as I shoot single shot with the loads kept in a small cooler with ice until its time for the shot.

During hunting season I find it difficult to even go out when the temps are above 40s. I usually hunt alone and it may take awhile to get the carcass to town.

That said, the temperature range I'm referring to with very little FPS drop is between 32 and 18 F as that has been the temps at which I have been shooting this specific load.

My loads not ice'd at 80 degrees or better cause me grief. If I were to be shooting regularly at those temps I'd workup a load specific for that temp range.

I like the cooler method better as I have trouble keeping track of different loads for different days. I always mess it up.:rolleyes:
Just saw today (2019-11-06) that IMR 4007 SSC has been recalled. Read more about it here:

Excerpt: "On Monday, October 21 IMR Legendary Powders announced a product safety warning and recall for IMR 4007 SSC smokeless powder. All lots of powder are included in the recall. IMR has received reports that this particular powder (sold in 1 pound and 8 pound containers) could become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product may result in combustion, fire damage and possible serious injury."
All the newer generation powders that I've tried have been just stellar. From IMR's latest offerings like 4166 to the new Reloader powders like RL-23 and the most recent offerings from VV like N550. I'm getting tighter SD's, easier load development and reduced fouling. They're so different to some of the old faves like BL-C(2), old IMR formulations and old Reloader formulations that I've gotten kind of spoiled by them in some ways. Temperature stability honestly hasn't gone the light years of advancement that lots of other features have. I compete in desert climate so temp swings of 50-60F or more are totally common. Temp stability is better, just not as much better as ease of load development for example.
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