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Oct 15, 2009
hello, my name is warren, and I'm 34. This looks like a good sight to learn alot, and I'm excited to learn from you all.

I recently picked up a savage model 12 low profile varminter in 300 wsm. I love the look and feel of the gun, and am excited to see what I can do with it.

I have a regular 300 winchester, that I can comfortably pull off 400 yards shots with, and a T/C encore with a 7mm-08, that my uncle ( the previous owner ) could take out a cowpie at 500 yards off of sandbags. I'm gonna use the T/C this year, and work on my model 12 through the year and try to make a long range gun out of it this year, and try it out next deer season.

I dont have a scope for it yet, but was looking at a nikon monarch, I think it was a 6-24 or a 6-18. do you think this would be a good scope?

I am open to your opinions, and am more than willing to take your advice.

Also, I reload, and am planning on cooking up some recipes, but what do some of you use to make a 1000 yard shot?

thanks for the site.gun)

Where in VA?

Suggest you look at a MOA base for the Savage or the Burris signature rings with 20 MOA inserts in them.

You can use 190s or 210s sight in for 27 inches high at 100 and should be close at 1k. Norma brass, 210 primers, 61-63 gr of H4350 and go to work.

You have three places to shoot F class out to 1k. Camp Butner in N NC just above Raleigh, Quantico and Oak Ridge TN depending on where you are in VA. All have matches open to public.

If you plan on shooting out to 1k, plan on getting a scope with at least 50-60 MOA in it. That might be an issue with some of the Nikons.

I love it ! now thats information, this IS the right place! I'm in rocky mount, about 10 miles from martinsville.

Now please forgive my ignorance, but are these scope mounts you are suggesting? I am familiar with burris, I have one on my tc. But I'm guessing you are talking about the scope mounts.

If the nikon is out, what do you sugest?

and thanks for the load data
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