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May 6, 2015
I ended up here after doing searches on black powder substitutes. Currently, I don't have a B.P. firearm. I've been wanting to reload for my .38 Special revolver, and have found that smokeless powder for handguns has become amost unobtainable. But I discovered that Blackhorn 209--which is readily available--is very suitable for revolver cartridges. I was also impressed that the posted velocities were, though a bit lower, still comparable to those produced by smokeless. So I'll be reloading .38s with Blackhorn, as soon as I can afford to get at least 5 lbs of it, along with dies, etc. Oh, I also read that Blackhorn 209 is somewhat difficult to ignite. I e-mailed the company and asked if they recommended magnum primers. They said yes.

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