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  • Couple of questions on the you have any brass and is that your bottom dollar? I want it bad but the bank account is still weaving in its feet from the 1-2 punch that Christmas and taxes gave it last month!
    Tom. I brought a 7mm rum model LSS from you a few months back. I just got it set and shot it last week. Did someone work on the trigger on the gun? The firing pin drops on avg. every 6th or 7th time you close the bolt, and the trigger was set super light which is a good thing if it didn't drop the firing pin which could have been highly dangerous in the wrong hands. Also the gun wouldn't pick up the empty shells I had rePlace the extractor. Who the gunsmithing on the gun?

    Thanks for the bump. Not sure why this scope hasent sold yet.

    Hey Tom,
    This is Dan down in Abq. I bought a few misc things from you a while back. How are things up in SF? I wanted to say man that is a nice scope you have for sale. It's mighty tempting and I'm thinking on it but sure hope you sell it soon so I don't have to make a decision I might like down the road!

    Anyway, take care and don't let the crazies up there get to you!
    Hi! Can you send photos for the Kimber? Thanks! I have a Browning X-bolt that I'm considering selling and the Kimber is an interesting replacement.
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