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Sep 24, 2012
Christiansburg, VA
First of all I'd like to say hello out there and glad to be part of LRH!

I've been lurking in th shadows for quite a while thinking that I didn't have the necessary equipment to accurately shoot long distance. Well after endless hours of searching, reading, (and yes, drooling at some members rifles) I decided to see exactly what I could do with my rifle and my skills. As I worked up loads with Berger VLD's, I fell in love with them. (I now shoot them in 3 different calibers). My best 3 shot group at 100 yards during load development measured 0.382" C/C. I was thrilled! After running some numbers through my bullet drop calculator, I thought I'd take a trip to the farm to see what this combo had to offer.

Sighted the rifle in at 200 and started walking it out....

My 3" targets at 250 yards vanished at the crack of the rifle...

My 6" targets at 400 yards went up in white smoke with each shot... I was running out of targets....

I made a 16x16" steel target for 500. I decided to give it a go.... First shot, dead center...second shot, dead center... third shot 2" higher than 2nd shot and 3" right (slight change in wind). This is my first group at 500. First 2 shots measure 1.25" C/C. 3rd shot opens group up to 4". I'm grinning ear to ear by this point.
Looks like my welds are holding! ;-)
500 Yard Steel 3 shot group.jpg

After the impressing 500 yard group, I wanted to see how my numbers worked out to 550 and 600 yards. 550 killed a 1 gallon milk jug on first shot. 600 yard target was a 18x24" white "field rock" that I'd picked up with the tractor and strategically placed on the top of a darker rock outcropping. First shot at 600, white smoke!...Second shot, white smoke and no more rock gun) (Makin' little rocks, outta big rocks, all day..)

I now know what I am capible of and what the rifle can do and really get a thrill out of hearing the bullet smack steel or rock when there's enough time after the shot to remove an earplug and see and hear the impact!

A little info on my Rifle...
Remington 700 CDL
Factory sporter barrel (no brake)
Factory stock
Timney Trigger breaking at 2.25 lbs
Leupold VX-II 4-12x40 LRD
300 RUM
185 Berger VLD
Remington Brass
Fed GM215M

The rifle weighs in at 8.37 lbs. Not pleasant to shoot but much easier on the shoulder than the 375 ultra weighing in at 9.25lbs with no brake.

less than 200 down the tube on this rig but when the barrel goes south, I may "EDGE" it! :D

I dont think all of this would have been possible had I not spent hours of searching on LRH and getting answers to questions that I hadn't thought about, but should have been asking. Thanks again for the great resource!

I don't think I'm changing anything about this outfit, bring on hunting season!

Thanks MSLR! The more I read on here, the more I learn. Endless supply of knowledge.

I was through your state back in May. Land looked very long range friendly. What part of the state are you in?

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