new long range hunting rifle

Dec 24, 2007
Have had this project in the works for about 8 months, (buying parts) barrel is now in the
lathe! Waiting for warm up,cold in my garage!
700 rem Mag action
Brux ss 30 cal. 10 twist, finnish at 27.5 in.
H-S Presicion stock
Cal.300 wheatherby,long throated for 200+ gr. bullets reason for using
300 Wh. borrowed the reamer (no cost)
Will keep posting as it progresses
The reamer I borrowed needs to have the throat lengthened to seat bullets way out so not to use powder space. It is my hope 208 gr. Hornady A-maxes
will shoot really well,If not 200 gr,Nosler AB's are my second choice.
By the way it it chambered,did it this afternoon, now for the stock work,
need to open up stocks barrel channel,Rem varmint is too narrow!

Looking forwad to some pics.

Man it sure would be nice to have a lathe in the garage. I'd pick one up but it would never fit in the one room shack I'd be living in after the divorce.:D

Nice thing about a one room shack, no room for trouble makers!
Probably not going to see pictures as I am computer stupid, if I was better
at this computer I'd have pics all over the place of my cabin I built this fall!

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