New Long Range Hunters!


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Feb 9, 2007
Central Illinois
My Dad and I made our annual trip to the Newcastle Wyoming area to hunt mulies and lopes last week. For the first time, my mom came along to hunt. She did extremely well taking mulie does at 300 and 400 yards with her CZ 243.

She is definitely hooked and is already planning for next year. She also took a nice antelope doe at 300 yards.

My buddy's 17 year old son Stetson should some interest in my Kirby built 300WM on a Vanguard action. He had never shot over about 200 yards with his lever action 243. Since he had a doe tag to fill on his last morning of hunting, I asked if he'd like to take a long shot with my rifle.

We ended up setting up at 335 yards on a mulie doe. I ranged her, checked and dialed the wind. His Dad was watching from a couple hundred yards back. At the shot, the spectators reported a huge puff of steam out each side of her chest as she collapsed. This was the first animal I took with the 190 grain Bergers. They proved devastating!!

The hill in the upper right of the photo was the firing point. He was one happy young man. I think I've drug another one over to our side.............

Finally, my buddy John was very interested in my Dad's Savage F-class 6.5-284. John still had an antelope doe tag to fill and had never shot an antelope over 400 yards. John is a fine rifle shot but had never done any long range hunting. Dad, John, and John's 10 year old son EJ found a group of lopes and John made a perfect 1 shot kill at 680 yards. They were all pretty pumped!

We forgot about taking a picture until the next day. I would expect John to show up around here any day. He took note of my LRH window decal! He's definitely hooked on this game!

It was a great trip and everyone tagged out. I'll make another post about the great mule deer and antelope bucks soon.
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