Long range hunters in Europe


Nov 19, 2001
Luxembourg / Europe

I was wondering if there are any european long range hunters in this forum.
Me , I'am from Luxembourg and search for
other european hunters who share my interest in long range hunting.

So if you are interested and don't think that 150m is a long shot , please contact me.
Marc, Is it true that before the EU combined that you had to have your pasport to go check targets if doing long range shooting in Luxembourg?
Just kidding, I am supprised that we have ANY european shooters on this forum. When I went to England a few years ago they about threw me out when I mentioned that I liked shooting animals and eating them!
Rick B
Hello Rick,

You are right about people around here becoming more and more opposed to hunting and shooting.
To get a hunting permit here in Luxembourg it takes you a year of theoretical and practical seminars and exams before you get one. I think they make it so difficult to ensure only responsible people get the permit and on the other hand to discourage most of the peoples.
For resident hunters the idea of shooting more than 150m defines you definitly as loonatic and iresponsible person....
Be glad that in the US the situation is still different. I just hope it will stay that way.

See you,

Dear Marc

I am from FRANCE but spend some time in USA ( NEW MEXICO and ARIZONA ) for bussiness .

Happy to know that there is long range shooter / hunter in the small ( but very good ) Luxembourg country .

Good shooting

Hello Marc

Your are not alone in europe

I'am from Norway.
It's about the same thing here in Norway

If you hunt and shoot animals 150-200 mtr. your crazy

But the good thing is that it's not that difficult to get a permit on gun's. Even the goverment is twisting the grip on permits.
I like LRS, well that's why i'am on this forum

The next time you find yourself here in AZ, with a few minutes to spare. Be sure to look me up. I'm 16 miles North of Mexico, and maybe 40 miles West of New Mexico.

Between the Jackrabbits, coyotes and paper, there is always something to shoot at around here.
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