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    Sep 25, 2010
    I am in my 60's going through a divorce and lost all my firearms in the deal. I am currently looking to acquire some replacements so I got me a mold and some brass for the 225 winchester, yes I know it is obsolete but then so am I.
    I also like the 375 winchester, 45-70, 256 win mag and others that are not popular in some cases now. What I have found it that most of the old cartridges meet my needs very well.
    I worked for 35 years in civil engineering and retired from that 7 years ago when I was given an incentive to leave so I did.
    I also like the 45 auto, 38 super and 44 special, 357 mag and the lowly 22 rf
    I am into lead bullets more these days as I can create the bullet weight I need for a given reason and even how hard it is. What I have found is that speed doesn't always give you what you want at the receiving end of the bullet sometimes a slower heavier bullet get the job done better.
    I used to like to garden, read books and such but since I am back in college learning a new profession reading is taken up by class work. I am studying to be a mental health counselor hopefully one day. Should keep me very busy until I no longer want to work.
    The changing world situation has brought all this about and just hope that I can make it through the confusion in one piece.
    Oh my first name is stew
    Completely forgot why I ended up here and that is because I am hoping to build a 225 winchester on mauser action and with at least a 26-28 inch barrel for shooting. My last one that I sold years ago that only had a 24 inch barrel worked fine out to about 350 yards for me so I am hoping that with the little longer barrel I can stretch out my range to maybe 400 or so yards and yes I use 70 grain bullets for this. I may use a 1 in 12 twist or maybe the standard 1 in 14 haven't figured that one out yet.
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting Stew. Good luck with your new profession.