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Feb 1, 2002
While I am not new to hunting, I am new to long range hunting and long range shooting. I have read books about Hathcock shooting 1,000 yards + and didnt have a problem believing it. Then I find accuratereloading and this site and find (found) myself thinking how the heck? See, my problem was I was "thinking" that people are shooting 5 inch groups at 1,000 or more and could not see any way that it was possible. Also, I was limited by my own economic status to see how others spend so much on HIGH QUALITY equipment that allows them to shoot that well that far. Now, after studying and listening, its not that people are shooting that small of groups at those distance.
So.... I apologize for doubting what you are doing. Also, I think that maybe other people dont believe that you are longrange hunting because they cant imagine doing it themselves so therefor, no one else can either. I plan to be here often so when I ask totally stupid questions, please forgive me! 8 years from now I will be having my first HIGH QUALITY gun built, for ME! Why so long? I plan to have the money to buy the best components out there.
Hunter333.Glad to have you.You will learn alot here.Guy's like Darryl,Dave King,338-378, and WyoWhisper just to name a few are probably some of the best there are at the longrange game.And one other thing.There is no such thing as a stupid ?'s.Just stupid answer's.So ask away.And we'll see what we can do to help.

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Hello Hunter333,

Just asking you...what were you thinking our LR guns look like? I felt the same thing with you when I first enter the LR. I thought it is simple factory rifle with a custom barrel. That's about it but when I saw several pictures of HIGH PRECISION LR rifles. That's not what I had in my mind at first then reading all LR forum and it makes sense that you do need a good equipment to shoot at long range.
Now a good news is that I'm working on my first LR project.
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