New Gunsmith in town

Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new gunsmith in town.
Montour County Rifles is now open for business in Danville PA

402 Lombard Ave.
Danville, PA 17821

e-mail [email protected]

I will be advertising more on this site as well as others
I will hopefully have a web page up and running soon.
I specialize in the "LONG RANGE" shooting sports
(Custom built hunting and target rifles)
(Accurizing and repairs)
(General gunsmithing)
(Specialized machining)

Thanks for your interest keep in touch.


Mar 10, 2004
Telford, PA
I gre up there and lived there for the first 30 yrs of my life. I visit frequently. I would defintely like to stop in. I have an Interams Mk X .308 light sporter that I want to rebarrel to 30-338. It should fit, with minor bolt work. The magazine has a block in it that looks like it will come out to make enough room. Making it a single shot is not out of the question though. I will be in touch. The 'Danville Fencibles' were Co A, 132nd Pa, 2nd Corp at Antietam. I follow and research them as best I can.
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