New Edge project...dies and reamer


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Oct 1, 2007
My Edge project is moving WAY faster than expected. I baught a Brux tube off of this site. I will send my action to my smith after season, and knowing him he will be done inside a week or two.

First.....I am an accuracy are most of you. My main shooting intetests is 1000 BR. All of my dies are "bushing" style Redding dies. I do not have any "micrometer" dies....just didn't think I needed them. I see that no one makes a bushing neck die. I see Defensive Edge sells a FL die that is a bushing die, but no Neck die. Also, I see no need for a "comp" style micrometer seating die (unless I start loading for more than one Edge), which is what D E sells. Do any of you use Bushing style dies? Do you see any need for them? I could get the Defensive Edge FL bushing die, and skip the Comp seater. But that leaves me without a Neck die and a seater die. Not sure of all my options.

Second....the reamer. When it comes to this stuff I am ignorant..pure and simple. I do know that I am going to single feed, so I want a loaded OAL of over 4" with the 300 Bergers. That shouldn't be to long, my 300 wby with the 230 is over 4". Is there anything special that I should be asking Kiff should I end up having one made? Is there anyone out there that has one that would be willing to rent to my smith that meets my wants.

Is there anything that I am missing?