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    Feb 28, 2009
    After last year's Mule deer hunt in Western Wyoming I continued my search for a better suitable backpack. I looked at all the hunting specific and haven't seen one that is as suitable for carrying heavy loads as a good quality standard backpack. I used the J107 last year carrying a heavy load. I found the suspension system to be less quality then what I used on this trip. I still plan to keep my J107 but only for day trips. I think it's good for that. This time I went with the largest capacity Gregory, the Denali Pro 105. You can get it with different sizes and belt sizes to better fit you. Mine was a medium with large belt. I added an Eberlystock scabbard for the rifle and took it out this weekend for a trial. Hiked a total of 15 miles in two days. 11.5 on day two. The total weight was between 60 and 65 lbs. The suspension system is far superior to my J107. A problem I encountered was when the pack is light, say hunting during the day, the pack leans due to the rifle/scabbard tied to one side. With a full load there isn't any noticeable difference. The J107 is much better in this situation during a day hunt. My plan is to pack everything internally and compact when traveling. To carry out the meat and trophy, I will tie some items externally. This pack has a lot of room and external tie points. Overall my impression is good with this system and I plan to use it this year. I have used a smaller Gregory for backpacking for years and have always been very impressed with their quality and function. Will report more after this year's hunting season.