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I have 3 hunting packs, and I feel each has problems. First, I bought an Eberlestock J34 based on some articles I read. The pack was simple and well built. But when I loaded it and packed in with 50 lbs., the shoulder straps were so flimsy that they didn't spread the weight and by the time I made it off the mountain, my shoulders, neck, collar bones, everything, hurt. Later I packed a quartered buck a short distance with the same results. I picked up a Badlands 2200, and it has much better shoulder straps, but the hip belt has a shiny, slick fabric covering. With weight, I cant keep it from slipping down off my hips, causing the shoulders to carry too much of the load. Last, I picked up a surplus Marine Corp pack for $75. Too heavy, and way too much capacity for what I need. Nice pack though. My mistake for spending over $500+ on gear sight unseen. The Kuiu packs, and the Kiferu packs look very good. But I wont buy another pack without trying it on with some weight.
I have been using a Kifaru Timberline2 for several years with excellent results. Regardless of the pack you buy, the Kifaru Gun bearer has worked great for us on various makes of packs over the years. If I was buying another pack today, it would be the Kifaru bikini frame and the highcamp bag, along with some accessory pockets.
Alright guys one more question. I see lots of packs seem to carry the gun barrel down. Is this ever a problem. Last thing I want is to slip or fall and have my crown land on a rock. I'm ok with the gun getting beat up a bit but messing up the crown could get ugly. Or is it something I don't really have to worry about. Thanks again
It's really hard to hurt the crown if it's in any kind of a decent scabbard.

The problem I have with my eberlestock G-4 is that the scabbard is too short for a long barreled rifle but at the same time having it in the pack scabbard coming below my butt makes it difficult to take a break and get the weight off by setting the pack on a rock or something without taking it off completely and you won't be sitting down.

You have to either pull the rifle out which can be difficult if you are by yourself or take the pack off completely and again if you are alone, if you have a heavy load in the pack it can be a bugger getting it back on.
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