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  1. landspeedracer

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    May 20, 2013
    Hi all, just bought a new 700 sps left hand 7mm rem mag 26 inch bbl. I had to send it bach to remington to have the chamber opened up. The bolt would lift but not pull back with all the factory ammo I tried. The good news is it shoots 3/4 moa with 150 and 160 power shok ammo. I also went big for the first time with a scope and bought a ziess 4.5x14x50. Makes my old leupy and burris look like stained glass. I have weaver detach high ext rings and weaver bases. I want some talley rings and bases but I cant find them anywhere in northren maine. I will order them, but I dont know what ones fit. I think the ones I want are the 958x700 or the 95x700. Will the med rings fit the big ziess. I would be willing to get leupold or burris rings as well I just need to know what ones to order. My gun should be back in a week or so. Are the weavers a good setup? All my other rifles are rugers so rings are no issue. The gun will be used to shoot gallon jugs of water out to 400 yards. Thank you. LSR.
    P.S I only shot 12 round till I decided to stop. I shot 4, 3shot groups.
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    Oct 11, 2012
    The mid size height should work and you have a 1" tube (not 30mm) so that is what you need. Not sure which model number that is though. Hope that helps!