SOLD/EXPIRED New 338 RUM Savage barrel, PacNor stainless


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
New 338 RUM Savage barrel, PacNor stainless *SPF*

I have a brand new unfired PacNor SS barrel in 1:9.5 twist. It is the target contour with straight taper to 0.850" muzzle diameter and 28" finish length with a standard 338 RUM chamber. Small shank. I have already have a custom 338 Edge and don't really need two big 338's.

I have $404.00 into it shipped to my door. I will sell for $350.00 shipped anywhere in the ConUS. Would trade for custom 22-250 AI, 243 AI or 260 AI Savage barrels all in 1:8 twist or toward a good quality scope.

Thanks for looking. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

Please send PM's if interested.
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Small shanks are better.:D

At least they are when you're looking for barrels.

Way more smalls than large.

montana_native is a good guy to deal with. No worries.
**** ! I was going to offer you Double if you would Gift Wrap it !