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Jan 24, 2007
Southeast Missouri
I really would like to go. Could anyone tell me where in the country is the best place to go for a self guided, public ground hunt with good numbers of antelope and available tags? Or does this place only exist in my imagination? I know less than nothing about antelope hunting. All help will be greatly appreciated.
Sorry I can't help you on the WY hunt but looks like Buffalobob provided with an excellent advice.

A fair warning though, antelope hunting is fun and can be addicting. Antelope hunting is one my favorite.

Good luck and have a wonderful safe hunt!

I have been hunting speed goats in montana for afew years. the state sets aside 10% of tags for out of staters. its all a draw. anyway the southeast corner issues thousands of tags. like any place you must do your homework. but its fun and addictive. gun)400yds one shot, 525 yds one shot. had good guys with me and a great day. not much meat on the small ones this year but tasty. :)
That's what I'm talkin' bout. I think it would be a great hunt to go on with good friends and sounds like it's very fun. I'm really looking forward to getting out there. Thanks for all the info. Maybe 2010 will be my year to break into the goat game.
I had never hunted antelope before last year and I went to the Wy Fish and Game website and found info on everything needed. The people in the Casper office were also really friendly. I threw a dart at the map and where it hit is where I applied for. Never had so much fun in my life so I went again this year. I hunted the last week of the season both years and saw 5000 times for goats then hunters, all on public land or walk-in areas. I am hooked for life! As a plus, the meat is better than venison in my humble opinion and I have been eating venison for over 50 years! Wyoming gets my vote and the Fish and Game Dept is light years ahead of the other western states. Tom
Bulseyetom is right on the money....WY has given me three buck lopes in three years...In three different areas and all DIY hunts....2 of those areas have left over buck tags after the draw every year....Most areas have public land even though a lot of counties have roads which cease to exist during a rain storm...give it a day to dry out with those gusty winds which prevail out there and your good to go again....other than that most everything you need to know is right on the GF website....
Good Luck in your search but if you want to go this year, WY will give you 100% chance of drawing a tag....Antelope draw deadline is March 15..

Thank you guys. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me. I'm really looking forward to going 'lope huntin' this year. Sounds like a ton of fun. I'll let you know how I do.
Thanks again
Area 46 Type 2 and Area 47 type 2 are both good areas to hunt. They have plenty of public access. Type 2 means second season but there are far less hunters and more antelope. When everybody comes opening weekend they push them to private land and when they all leave the antelope come back. 46 type 2 and 47 type 2 were both 100% draw last year.

I would not hunt Hunter Management Areas because the game and fish only show last years results and for example if you draw an area with only one Hunter Management area in it and you draw that tag July 3 and they release their Hunter Management areas July 10 and if they loose that Area which has happened before you are out of LUCK. No public land.
TSO has great advice of not choosing your area because of HMAs...But once you draw, it may be a good idea to check if there are any HMAs when that year is posted....You won't be able to apply for them unless you have a valid tag for that area anyway....Apply for them even if you didn't plan your hunt around them....Some of them are on first come first serve basis, some are random draw and some have unlimited draw......The first come first serve tags go quickly so make sure to apply exactly at the time the draw is opened....The random draw tags are very limited and the area is usually well sought after as far as the hunting goes...There is always a chance....The unlimited draw areas are well hunted but you still have to have the HMA permits to hunt there....Never leave a stone unturned in your hunt plan...Any HMA that you draw may prove to be a winner....
Good Luck again,
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