Neighborhood Buck


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Sep 7, 2008
This is a buck that lives in my sister in-law neighborhood. They live by Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Whoa!!! What a buck. To think I spent a week dragging my *** up and down the mountains around Oak Creek and never saw a buck. I should have just visited your sister.
One of the Widest deer I've ever seen alive was in someone's yard in Manitou Springs, CO..........just south west of there. Tried to get a picture with my phone, but memory was full, then battery went dead!!
Nice buck. Doesn't look like a place where you'd get away with shooting it...but, how about a lasoo kinda catch and release. I wouldn't mind helping I could be the meet and greet person at the release site.
Sorry not the best at posting pictures. There is another picture to the right. This buck lives within ten mile of the first buck picture I posted. I wish I could find one of these toads in my hunting unit. All the big ones are living in town. I think I would have better luck with the lottery.
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