Need to duplicate a factory load.


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Aug 14, 2008
Buffalo, Wyoming
I'm wanting to duplicate Federal's .308 Win. Gold Medal Match 175 SMK load. Here's why. Five shots into .323 at 100 yds. This is the best group this rifle has ever shot.


This is from a Remington SPS Varmint in 308 Win. Factory barrel and trigger. The action has been skim bedded in a B&C Medalist stock.

Not sure what powders are the closest the what Federal uses. I've got some 4064 and Varget but not sure how close they might be. I also have plenty of 210M primers.

If anyone could provide any direction I really would grateful.
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you may want to try sniperhide.the guys over their may have what you are looking for.but I you want you can try 43g of 4064 and 43-45g of varget.and load them at a SAAMI spec of 2.800.44r of varget is the load that I use in my 5R and shoots great.if I do my part it wiil give me the same as you or better.just be careful with the fed may not give you that many loads since its alittle softer that the other brands.most of the time I have only gotten 3 loads with fed brass.then its only scrap.even had them to separate at the your load up and watch for pressure signs,and you should be OK.
175 SMK,
44.2 grs Varget
Win or Black hills brass
seated at 2.800

As close as i could get, the 175 seem to just shoot no matter what your load them too.

I would start ast 43.5, 44, 44.5 and see what happens

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