Need scope recommendation


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May 3, 2001

I am looking for a good quality illuminated reticle scope with some key attributes:

Ideal magnification range of approximately 4-14 power
Duplex crosshair or dot/crosshair reticle
Target adjustment preferred

I have a Nightforce 3.5-15 that works very well, but wanted a lighter scope for a new rifle. I have found the Leupold 4.5-14, but it does not have target adjustment and the Sightron 4.5-14, but it only comes with a Mildot reticle. Anything else out there that I have missed?

Thanks for any suggestions.

How about the Hakko products? Rumor has it that you can get them in the land down under...

Nikon also makes illuminated 'duplex' reticle scopes, albeit in 3.5-10x50 or 6.5-20x44 version. USA dealer cost (in US dollars) is $443 and $502 respectively.

Good luck finding what you want.

Thanks for the suggestions. I had not thought about the Hakko. We do get them here, though they don't have a great reputation.

I will look at the Nikon as I have heard a lot of good things about them. What supplier are those prices you mention in your post?


Nikon prices per Jerry's Sport Center, a wholesale distributor with about 6 warehouses scattered in the eastern half of the USA.

You might try Jon Jackoviak at The Optic Zone (albeit in the US). He has good prices on Nikon, and is a friend to the shooting boards:
I would agree with Nate and Sakofan. I personally believe the Nikon Monarchs are the very best buy for the money. They are outstanding, very clear and bright. You would not be disappointed with one.

Oh and by the way, thanks Nate and Sakofan.

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Just 2 cents from someone that has wasted their time on HAKKO. I have had a HAKKO 8-40x56mm w/Illuminated reticle on a .243 win and it rattled apart within 300 shots. I sent it back it was fixxed rather cheesily, but it worked, the it did it again, and then some of the internal screws came loose. Maybee it was a lemon, but a 600 dollar scope is a 600 dollar scope no matter how yoy look at it.
Hello Fergus!,

My suggestion.. lighten the rifle and stay with the Nightforce!

just my opinion.. I have had nightforces.. then traded/sold them for all Lupy's ( lighter ).. but now have gone back to all nightforces!.. just can't beat them.. especially in lowlight conditions...

Thanks for the comments. There is a lot of good info there and it supports some of my thinking. If Nikon made a 4.5-14 illuminated reticle scope, this decision would be a lot easier.

I do like the Leupold and can get the 4.5-14 locally at a reasonable price. I can also get the 3.5 -15 Nightforce and like a lot of their features, especially the etched reticle and I know they work well for my purposes.

I am about to restock this rifle and might wait a little longer to see how the weight and balance come together, then make a decision on the scope. I might see if I can mount my Nightforce scope on the rifle to see how it feels and even try it in the field that way.

Fergus, Burris makes a 4-16 Electro-Dot model, doesn't have the target knobs, but can be returned to Burris for retrofitting, I've got 2 4-16 Sigs. 1 with the Bal. Mil Dot and 1 with fine plex, they're very nice scopes, better than some HIGH priced Leupolds I've looked through, just ask Sakofan
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