Need parts for Dad's gun


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Jun 8, 2009
Afognak Island, Alaska
Dad died in '96 of cancer. We went hunting for the last time in the Wellsville, Utah mountains behind our house. He shot a deer that morning. We sat around the deer talking about how the hunt had gone and he handed me his favorite gun and said, "we both know this is my last hunt, take this gun and give it to your boy when he gets of age to hunt". Later my boy shot a bear, his first big game animal, up by Palisades Idaho and I handed him the same gun and told him that this was now his gun. This gun means a lot to me/us.
My boy and I got back from a hunt in 78 in Idaho and we noticed the safety lever was gone. We are going up to Northern Idaho to hunt whitetails in a few weeks and I wanted him to take this gun.
I need a safety for this gun. Does anyone know of a source for parts for a US Springfield Mark 1 30'06? It wasn't the straight lever, it was the curved lever that curved around the scope. Any help would be apreciated.
If it was not the issue '03 safety lever, it was probably an aftermarket lever used to clear the scope. Buehler comes to mind but, there were others. Try Brownell's.

I haven't read any post on this forum that moved my heart like your thread . If I had it I would just give it to you ,I hope you and your son have a great hunt in Northern Idaho.

There were a few safeties that may or may not work on your Dad's rifle. Was it blocky with the words "ready" and "safe" on opposing sides? That would be the original style. If your rifle was sporterized and maybe scoped like many were before they were collectible then you may have a "low scope" safety. There were a few variations and are not interchangeable. Subtle differences in how they mount and remain attached. I have a military version if that is what you need.

Here are some leads on other styles. You may just want to take the rifle to a local smith, if you have one. If he's an oldtimer he probably has a small box of various leftover safeties that he find one to fit and makes sure it works right.

Springfield 1903 / 1903A3 Low Scope Safety : Other at

Dayton Traister Inc. - Greene's Gunshop
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