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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I have asked the question before but didnt really get what I was looking for. I am getting ready to order so i want more opinions. I am building a 338 Lapua on a remington 700 action. the Donor is a 300 RUM I was planning on going with the PT&G Fluted bolt with the Lapua bolt face and extractor. Then I saw David Tubb Made a custom bolt for it too. his bolt is about 150 dollars more than the PTG set up I want His claim is the bolt is very true and also its a little bigger in doameter for a tighter fit. My question is it worth the money? I am going to use the rifle as a long range elk gun but Also something that shoots tight groups at longer ranges. Will I see the benefit from the tubb bolt with my application? What do you guys think?
with the donor action you have, you would be crazy not build a 338 EDGE on it instead of the Lapua.
You gain nothing by going to the Lapua on that action, except extra cost in building it.
I strongly recomend the EDGE for your action.
Have that action trued, add a Wyatt box MBE-2 i think,slap a custom barrel on it, mount a Nightforce scope and have at it. You will be into it for alot less than the Lapua BUILD.
Thanks for the opinions but that was not my question. I bought the 300 ultra specifically for this build. I have not even seen it yet it is at the gunsmiths awaiting parts. I know nothing about the Edge but someone mentioned "you already have the brass" Well I dont and Brass is one of the major contributers in me deciding on the Lapua. I didnt go with the 338 RUM because I didnt want to use Remington brass. I can buy much nicer Lapua brass for the Lapua. So Back to my origional question..Which bolt should I order for my Lapua build??
Tikkamike, maybe I can shed some light on your question. If it were me, I would stick with a PTG bolt. Especially if you are going to have the bolt raceway on your action reamed first. Have your smith ream it, then you can order a bolt from PTG whatever diameter you want. I think most people order their bolts .002 smaller than the diameter the raceway has been reamed to. Some may even say to go .001 smaller, but that may not be suitable for a hunting rifle, and may be better suited for benchrest shooting. Talk to your smith as I'm sure he can help you decide. There are alot of actions wearing PTG bolts out there, and most smiths will agree that reaming the raceway and installing a precision bolt is one of the biggest accuracy upgrades that can be performed on a Remmy. Makes your firing pin strike the center of your primer everytime.

But I must say, all of these operations are gonna add cost, so by the time you get finished paying for all blueprinting work,why not consider a Stiller XL action? Or some other custom action that is ready to go?
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