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Dec 13, 2009
Hello, I am looking at buying a new long range rifle. I am only looking at shooting out to 800 meters right now. The problem I am having is I cannot decide between a 7mm ultra mag or a 300 ultra mag. I am going to use it for a variety of hunting from Caribou to White Tail. If anyone has any sugestions to help me find the perfect rifle it would help a great deal.
Either one would be a good choice. Of the 2 you mentioned...for myself I would choose the 300 rum only because it gives me a little bit more.
there seems to be alot more bullet selection in 30 cal. if it were me id go 300 over 7mm for that reason and work up a load. i am new on this site and far from an expert in the long range field tho so id be interested in what others have to say. good luck with your new project. winmag
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