need help--quick


Sep 5, 2004
I have a chance to buy a scope on line and I need some info--fast:

Its a leupold M4 Precision Rifle 4.5-14x 40. THese are the "low-end" of leupold's tactical scope line, the ones with target knobs not tactical knobs.

All I need to know is, do the target knobs "click" or do they just use friction??? THanks
I never thought the Tactical line from Lupy would ever be considered "low end"! But things are changing fast with Leupold, and I might be behind the times.(Bought a M1 4.5x14 last year)
Anyway, as far as I can see, the only difference between standard Target turrents and Mark 4 turrents is that Mark 4 type turrents have a rubber O-ring so that you do not need the outer dust caps. They are also more "robust" with larger cap screws and are of larger diameter. Both funtion the same, with one quarter clicks and one "minute" markings.As far as precise repeatablity, my experience has shown me that they both equally.
Thanks for the info, I am going to buy the PR scope. SOmeday, I can send it off to PRecision Recticle and get M1 knobs put on.

BTW, I sure hope that the Precision Rifle scopes are not low end--not only given what I am paying for it but also for the results I expect. However, the PR line with the target knobs and smaller objective (which I actually want) is lower priced than the LRT line.

Thanks guys
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