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May 20, 2003
im think of making a long range rifle in 338 RUM with 29" barrel.
here the two actions/rifle im looking at ,the first one is RUGER no1, the orther is rem 700 pss in 300RUM,os wich one do buy ,one more thing who makes the best barrle for the 338
I would go with the Remington action. There are a lot of excellent barrel makers out there I am shooting a Lilja 338 barrel and have been pleased with it.
Crow Mag
I'd buy the Rem 700, it will be more accurate than the #1 will be.

It will feed the 338 Ultra as is too.

I'd get a Hart, Lilja, Pacnor or Krieger depending on how long you want to wait... they all make top notch barrels.

I was just looking at the 338WSM ballistics with a 300gr SMK, my dad's building one, and the trajectory wasn't very good but, it had more energy at 1000 yards with a MV of 2500 fps than the 30 cal 178 A-Max with a MV of 3400 fps. To be exact, it had half again as much energy left at 1000 yards than the 30 did. Pretty impressive, I thought.

Misjudge the range by too much and the 338WSM and the 300 SMK wouldn't be the one I'd want to be shootin though. The A-Max shot about half again as flat...
I was researching the Ruger No.1 and No.3 for a 45-110 candidate. These rifles don't shoot! It's either you get lucky and it does 3/4" groups at 100 yards or it does 6" groups... If you want a falling block look for another action, if you want a small and light deer gun for under 200 yards it might be ideal.

Seriously I haven't read of one rifle that does less than 1/2" groups at 100 yards, even after tweaking and lots of modifying. Also, if you are replacing the barrel and are modifying the rifle, perhaps you can save some money by not buying the PSS model, or for that matter search out a Savage stainless single shot long action. Since the Savage doesn't use a one piece bolt they tend to be accurate because the lug play can match the poor machining. (Or custom machine a Remington action to be trued and such, or start from a custom action, BAT's for $750, Geske for $1200, etc.)

I have a .338 Lapua and a Vihatouri reloading book and it doesn't even mention the RUM.
For that large a caliber you would better off in the long run to go custom action. Too much money to true and sleeve a 700 action triced out compared to the custom actions and then lose 50% of the resale on a 700 vs custom. Now some will say use the 700 and no sleeve or other work, you can do that but in this game you get what you pay for in most cases when it comes to actions.

BAT actions start at $1025, but another very good couple to look at are the Stiller Python ($995) and Nesika ($1050)

Brent how does it compare to a 30 cal. with a 240 grain goin 2900fps ? ive heard tell until way past 1000 they cant keep up with a 30 and you are comparing the heaviest smk they make in 338 against a mid weight 30. come on at least compare apples to apples. ebb
ebb ,ill got 3 ,30cal rifles two semi and bolt love them,but i was shooting 338lm the orther day at work love the down range affects. the 338lm the cost the ammo is out of this i did some math and compters suff and the 338RUM is the so close in fps in 300grs mks with 29.5 ,with speed of 2900 to 3200fps ,using cold powers you could shoot 2000 to 2500 round out of rifle insted of 1500round like 300RUM and bunedout barrle
I am launching 300 smk out of my 338 Lapua @ 2900 fps, the fastest I got it was 2937 fps, this is out of a 26" pacnor barrel, my loads a pretty hot, but I could probably get 2880 fps with some pretty reasonable loads.

The ballistics of the 300 grain smk at 2900+ fps is awesome, it has the ability to go to 2000+ yards.
Here's an apples to apples comparison.

240gr SMK MV 2900 fps
300gr SMK MV 2900 fps
178gr AMX MV 3300 fps
300gr SMK MV 2500 fps (slow one)

Bullet drop is from a 100 yd zero...

First one's at 500 yards w/ 10mph wind.

-------------- 240 --- 300 --- 178 --- 300 (slow)

Wind drift --- 12.2 -- 11.0 -- 14.6 -- 13.5
Drop --------- 44.5 -- 43.6 -- 33.5 -- 61.3
Energy ------- 2722 -- 3560 -- 2306 -- 2586
Taylor Index - 23.9 -- 33.5 -- 18.9 -- 28.5

Second one's at 1000 yards w/ 10mph wind.

-------------- 240 --- 300 --- 178 --- 300 (slow)

Wind drift --- 54.9 -- 49.0 -- 69.8 -- 60.2
Drop --------- 261.7 - 251.4 - 222.3 - 350.0
Energy ------- 1587 -- 2185 -- 1066 -- 1561
Taylor Index - 18.2 -- 26.2 -- 12.9 -- 22.2

The numbers are better on the 300 smk and i was sure they would be, but they are not enough better to make me want to change. I play this game on a limited budget and the dollars spent to go to a 338 LR gun cant be justifed BY ME, i am sure that in alaska a 338 would be very usful and maybe manditory. I do have a 338 win mag and have killed elk with it and love it. The number of bullets in 30 cal is also a selling point to me, what if you had a 338LM or rum that didnt like smks the others with a high bc get pricey quick. Some day maybe a 338 or 40 cal but right now all funds are going to a 6.5 284 . thanks ebb
Ebb try a 116 savage weather warrior in 300 rum it is the poor man's stole when you get ready for another barrel just buy it to fit the savage and change it out. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to perform this task. ( don't take offense to this Don !!)Lots of good barrel makers the ones listed above are great.
Sniper 2 I already have a sendero in 300 RUM and i love it, broke in the barrel over the spring ( we get to use the sheriffs range once a month ). Tried loads of wc872 from 93 grains to 98 grains with 220 smks, and 210 bergers with 96 grains. The bergers would not make it to the target at 1000yds, the 1in10 twist spins them to fast. The 98 grains with a 220 smk is a keeper, it showed no signs of presure, but it will only get warmer here for a long while so i droped a half grain and loaded 50 of them . Iam kinda new at this but i hit sky kings steel disc 4 or 5 times at 1000yds with about 1 mil of wind. Every one talks about wc872 being temp senstive so i may not push this load any further. ebb
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