Need Help!!! 7RM, 7RUM, or 7STW


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Jan 17, 2007
Black River Falls, WI
In the next year or so I plan on building a fast 7mm. I started out wanting a .280 AI, but now I'm thinking about just doing the 7mm mag due to brass availability, price, and a little bit extra speed. Now I'm wondering if I should just go all out with a 7mm STW or 7mm RUM. Is the extra velocity worth the price? Most of my shots will be under 600 yards.

BTW, I already load for the 7mm RM for my dad, so if I went that route, I wouldn't have to purchase a die and accessories. Also, I already have a donor rifle in .30-06 in a Rem 700 (blued action from the early 80's). Do either the STW or RUM need a longer action? I know the bolt will need to be opened up, but other than that, what modifications will need to be made?
I have all of the 7 mags you are talking about at 600 yards the deer won't know the diffrence from the rm mag to the ultra. But if you are like me you start thinking 7mm RM will work but the stw is just a little better on energy then the ultra has just a little more. Go with your gut and shoot the best bc bullet your rifle will will handle .
I had a rem 700 30/06 re-chambered to 7mm mag and love it. I have taken deer out to 638 yards with it, using 162 a-max and 168 berger.

The 7STW will do it "better" , but the loaded rounds may be too long for the magazine, won't be an issue if you single load.
You could also do a two load thing, 160 accubond for close things, (<300 yards), seat to fit magazine and single feed the long range load OR extend the magazine box.

if you're usual max distance is 600 yds, though I like the 7 RUM over the other two, if it were me I'd go with the 7mm RM.

Mostly becaues I'm just dumb enough to not read beyond 7mm on the box tag/label and pick up "Dad's" box of remmys for my rummy.

Plus, your cost will be less as you already have the stuff to load and will have a supply of cartridges if one of you forgets to pack yours.:) Hey, I've done it......:rolleyes:

However, if your dream is big as in you're going to Colorado and your dream distance is 1175 yds and you'll settle for nothing less, and you have a good case of tinkeritus go with the RUM.

But the cost in time and $ may delay that trip to CO a year or two.:D
In my above post I said "if it were me".

Well it ain't me.

My dad passed quite a few years ago.

My son shoots a 270 Win.

Me would go for the Rum. I tune one up for a fella and was pretty impressed with velocity and accuracy in a BDL. Factory loads w/140 gr bullet. A 168 gr pill would be impressive I would think.
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