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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
To all,

I am in the proccess of building my personal extreme range rifle to be used between 1500 and 2000 yards. Here are the specs on teh rifle.

34" fluted, stainless Lilja 1.350" staright cylinder in .338.

Stock is a McMillan Tooley MBR

Round will be the 338 Kahn(338-378 w/ 35 degree conventional shoulder)

I will be looking for 3100 to 3200 fps with the 300 gr Sierra MK.

My question is which of the Nightforce NXS scopes would you recommend for shooting at the 1500 to 2000 yard range.

The rifle will be used mainly for extreme range rock chuck hunting and some competition type paper punching.

Your opinions would be great.

Good Shooting!!!

I've been tempted as well with the snipers hide USO deal, I've got a Schmidt and Bender 4X16 on my 338LM with the horus H25 reticle, but I haven't shot it past 600 yet. I've got a 10X ST10 on my 300wsm, the eye relief on it is fairly short, I worry that a high power USO will wonk me in the head. I think you'd have to go with something like the USO SN9 with the external adjustmant to get enough elevation for 2000 yards or a base with more moa built in. Mike
Mike, you are correct.Probably need the SN-9 for 2000 yards. I didnt read his post correctly. Probably could make 1500 yards with the SN-3??...sakofan..
I want a scope with good vertical adjustment range, but it does not have to be extreme.

No matter how I cut it, I will have to use a base with moa built into it to reach 2000 yards which any round.

THanks for the replies!

Good Shooting!!!

US Optics are the best thing going for true super-long range applications. I have two SN-9's - one for a .50BMG Windrunner, the other for a .408CT Windrunner and they cannot be beat - tons of elevation, finest optics of the market to my eyes, and built like a tank. They are far superior to NSX, but they are bigger, more expensive, and weigh more if thats your primary concern. If you want performance - go USO. I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and checked out their products in side-by-side comparisons with Loopy, NSX, S&B, et al. I was so impressed I use USO exclusively on my rifles now.

SCL in Bogota
SCL, did you get the long eye relief version or the standard? that is what has held me back from the USO variable for my Lapua mag, that and I like my S&B. Fifty driver, I've got a Horus S&B 4x16 30mm and a USO ST10 over in Missoula if you want to get together somewhere and try them out. I had a Nightforce and like these better. Mike

My primary use for this rifle will be 1500 to 2000 yard rockchuck hunting and possible 1000 yard comp.

I'm sure that 16x would be plenty for the 1000 yard shooting at a 3 foot target but when trying to snipe a sunning chuck in the middle of a rock pile, 16x would be pretty low in my mind.

At 1500 and 2000 yards, it would be nearly impossible to pick out a chuck. I think I need more power.

I shoot on 19 or 20 power right now at 1000 yards for chucks and it is enough for a good clear target picture but anything less would be pretty hard to get a clear shot at.

Good Shooting!!!

Fiftydriver, in my view 20x-24x would be the max you could use. Beyond that and you will be eaten alive by the mirage. I currently use 24x @ 1000 and find a swimming pool between me and the target. I suspect a critter in a rock pile @ 1500 or more would be undoable(is that a word?) Jim
I just installed a 3.8-22x SN3 on my 338LM and the eye relief is fine, at no time during firing the rifle did the scope come close to hitting me, I even wore my glasses which reduces eye relief another .25-.5 inches.

No matter what scope you get then you will want a 40 MOA tapered base, before this SN3 I had a 5-22x NXS and both of these scopes needed a 40 minute base. As far at the SN3 making it out to 2000 yards. I have the 90 click BDC knob on mine and it has enough elevation adjustment to go from 100-1850 yards, so I could not make it out to 2000 yards by dialing in but I did get USoptics new MOA reticle which gives me another 40 minutes of holdover adjustment so I could shoot past 2000 yards no problem with this setup.

The SN9 is a great scope it is just to big and sits up too high on the rifle for my taste.

I'll post a picture of the scope mounted on my 338LM in a while.
I use a 8x32 nightforce and a 20x50 Premier Recital lupold to shoot out past 2000 yards. I would sagest getting a Boosted Mark 4 in 24x,51202,51202,68042,89723&uid=5465&gpoid=
and have a gun smith build you a scope rail that has 150 moa of taper. I like Davidson bases and Jewel rings here is a pic of my scope mount

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