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May 2, 2012
just started working up loads on my new savage and she's showin some great potential right off the bat. this rig consists of a savage 112 fv long action trued by non other than jim caudil of sunbury ohio.a 1.200" non tapered 1960's era sako blank chambered in 30-06 springfield,also machined and headspaced by jim.dropped in a fully bedded choate varmint stock i custom painted. first time to the range netted some respectible 5 shot groups in the .330 range. it will only get better with more load work. i'm very pleased with mr. caudil's work and will be sending more guns his way.


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had some good range time today with the new rig and she shot really well. 55 grns of 4350 and 155 smk gave me groups that averaged .350 at 200 yds.i'm sure that more range time will only get better.
I love that barrel contour it looks sweet. The paint job looks good too but those groups sound amazing to me. How do you like the stock? I was thinking about getting one to replace the crapperware stock on my savage.
stock feels great for prone shooting, but not the best for bench. it still gets the job done. i personally think this stock is a better choice over the new tactical model. i had the tactical and it wasn't near as stiff and accurate as this one. you have to do a full bedding job though to get the full accuracy potential this stock has.i'm loving the contour of this barrel too,it never gets hot and gets alot of looks at the range.i'm saving for a manners t5 stock but the choate is working fine for now. also going to buy some glass with more magnification as 16x isn't cutting it at 1000 yrds.
i snuck out for a little bit today and tried some handloads at 300 yrds. some shot decent some not so good,but my pet load that had been getting the job done at 100 and 200 did pretty good at 300 also,netting a few groups in the the .750 to .770 range.i think the gun itself is capable of more but my benchrest and scope are holding the gun back.i get some better glass on this rig and i know the groups will shrink.
here is a few pics of upgrades. i should be able to tighten the groups a little with the addition of a leupold vx3 8.5x25x50, with new tactical turrets on the way,a modified cheekpiece that was thinned to get the proper cheek weld,and my new home machined bolt handle.gonna load up some 175 smk's for some more 300yrd groups in the a.m.
went to the range today for some load testing and one new load proved to be a performer netting this 3 shot group at 300 yrds. i was happy. this group was shot in a pretty stiff tail wind and it was on the chilly side at the range with the wind chill.if memory serves me correct the old record in light varmint class was .319 at 300 yrds,set by jim hart back in 1998. this group bested that by quite a bit.


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