My first rifle build, so far...


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Oct 19, 2011
Just got to the range to shoot my newly barreled Stevens 200. Been about a year in the making, started with the stock and hunted all winter for coyotes. It was originally a .25/06, but I decided I wanted to go with a caliber I could afford to shoot more. I had been looking at .308 barrels for a while and came across a Green Mountain barrel that someone on ebay had made into a 22" heavy contour. I ended paying about $120 for the barrel, and it seems to shoot.

Here is my best group of the day at 100 yds with southwest ammunition loaded 175 smk's. 2012-10-22_15-00-04_525.jpg

I really want to shoot amax's, but I had not as good luck with 168's. So when I get some more loaded up I will try the 178's. But I think it is going to be hard to beat these smk's.

Here is the rifle.

Built as a budget build, and sourced primarily from ebay, the rifle includes: Stevens LA($280), bedded into a boyd's thumbhole($90ish), BA bolt knob($40), nikon 6-18 Buckmaster scope($200), burris tactical rings($40), weaver mounts($2), Green Mountain 1-11 twist($120), 4 groove barrel, Parker and hale bipod($40, yes thats 40!), and thats about it. Still to go(probably after deer season) is a new 20 moa rail, and a new trigger. This trigger is abismal.
So far the furthest I have shot is 260 yards, most I could get to on that day. I have access to 700+ but that day it was occupied by 20 yd tacticool ar kids. Now, I am by no means a good shot, but I plan to shoot myself silly over the winter. I will post up some longer range stuff when I get a day where I am not chasing white tails.

A big thanks to everyone who posts on here, I learned everything I needed to know from this site. Thanks for reading. Happy hunting.


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I like it and really like the fact that you took your time to find the right parts at the right prices!! I just picked up a Model 11 in 300WSM for $45 complete!! Yes that is the entire rifle and no it's not hot! LOL I had the serial run at local SO. Guy happened to walk into my buddys pawn shop while I was there and really needed some fast cash!
Kinda felt bad but he seemed happy and I sure am!!!!!!!
Biuld coming soon............

Anyway............yours sure seems like a shooter.
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