My first ever AR 15 build


Sep 28, 2012
My first AR 15 ive built. Turned 18 a few weeks ago and got my hands on most parts before the scare. I was really lucky to find a new noveske upper for $140 in stock right away.

Parts list:
Noveske upper
DPMS Lower
M16 bolt carrier
BCM Gunfighter charging handle
YHM Phantom Muzzle brake
DPMS Lower parts kit
DPMS buffer and buffer spring
YHM endplate with loop
YHM Barrel Nut
YHM lightweight quad rail
YHM gas tube
YHM low profile gas block
Magpul MOE stock, grip and foregrip
AR Stoner Barrel 1in9" twist 5.56 chamber (only thing in stock, good price, will work for my needs until i can upgrade)
Magpul Backup sights
Bushnell Red Dot
Viking VTAC flashlight mount
Surfire GX2 Flashlight


Fires perfectly and have not had a single malfunction yet. Already taken a coyote and a few rabbits with this bad boy.

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