My first custom build


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Jan 17, 2012
I just wanted to show off my new rifle. I'm a newcomer to long range hunting/shooting and needed a rifle to do the job. I'm fortunate to have a close friend who builds rifles and I just happen to have a machinist background. Under his direction and assistance, I was able to build my own rifle. The action is a trued 700 mated to a Schneider SS barrel chambered in .260 Rem. I went with a Bell & Carlson stock and applied a sponge camo paint job. The DBM is the M5 Stealth which is similar to the Badger. I topped it off with a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 in TPS rings on an EGW 20moa base.


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Yes. I have actually been shooting it for a few months but just recently got the duracoat applied and the stock painted. It is capable of 1/2 moa out to 500 if I do my part.
Nice looking toy especially for a first build! Sounds like it shoot **** good too!
Would you please share the sponge paint method?

Sure. I have 4 colors on this rifle, tan, od green, brown, and black. These are the Krylon Fusion camo colors which are flat finishes. First, rub the stock down with fine steel wool to scuff the finish lightly. Second, rub the stock down with denatured alcohol. Start with the lightest color, which was tan for me, and lay down a base coat over the entire stock. Allow this coat, and the following coats, to at least dry to the touch before moving on. Next, take a small sea sponge and either apply the green directly to the sponge or spray some into a container and dip it. Pat the sponge on the stock to apply as light or heavy as you desire. Use a new sponge and apply brown and lastly, the black. The sponges can be purchased at Walmart in the arts and craft section. You can go back and repeat the color applications until it fits your taste and touch up work can be performed the same way. It is easy and pretty much impossible to screw up. I applied it to my hunting cart too. I forgot to add that any hardware will need to be removed or taped off before painting. I taped my recoil pad and removed the sling swivels.


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