Mule Deer ammo choice

Mike Matteson

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Jun 26, 2017
Good shooting, and it show me that Dad spent a lot of time working with his son to be able to make that shot. My hat is off to both.

Jay Byrd

Mar 26, 2021
Good many years ago I loaded some 3006 for a friend to go elk hunting. He had a dog of a Stevens bolt action rifle (pond shop find) and a $99 Simmons Aetec scope. I used new Winchester brass, 180 gr. Nosler Partitions. CCI primers. I increased the powder until I started having cratering primers then backed off a little. I divided what I had loaded into practice and the best 10 of 50 were designated the hunting rounds and told him don't practice on a hot day. He practiced on a power line with cardboard set up at 100 yd. intervals up to 600 yds. On the hunt, with a guide telling him the range, he shot a elk at 580 yds. one shot. He had to hold over 3 feet. It barrel rolled down the mountain. The bullet stopped under the skin on the far side. They field dressed and packed the meat out on mules, dry iced for the trip home. 3006 will do it, you need to practice on a cool day, perhaps early in the day, as the hunt temperature will be cool also.