Mr Bullberry's opinion..

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Oct 25, 2002
Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

Youse guys are messin' up..!!


Read'm and weep..!! Heehee..

No big magnums for you.!! One Year..!! The Magnum Nazi..!! (ref:Seinfeld)

d:^D JiNC

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Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

well for the most part he is right , most folks that are gonna be shooting an Encore arn't gonna be shooting it realy long range besides have you ever shot one of thos things in a 300Win mag , man it ain't to pleasant.
and if you figure that the 300 Win can cleanly kill deer out to 1000yds what else would you ask from an Encore?

I'v got a frame here that is either gonna find a new home or get a light 20" 308 barrel for deer in tight areas.
Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

..I'll go along with that in an Encore weight rifle.. Egads.. Can you imagine an Ultra comin' outta one of those.?? Hehehe.. But somebody would want it.. Masochists abound in "our hobby"..
Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

I have an Encore with 209x50 barrel and the 150 gr load will thump you. I also have a heavy barrel 7mm mag that is relatively mild.

However, this year I bought the 12 ga rifled slug barrel and shot some new Fed Premium barnes expanders that are 1900 fps and I can tell you that 5-7 was all I wanted to shoot. Took me two days to get my shoulder to relocate. I have an extra Edwards recoil reducer lying around that is going in the butt of that thing this spring for shooting slugs.

No way in hell I would put one of the RUM or other really large case capacity rounds in an Encore.

Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

You are right, they are going to kick. I have shot a factory built .375 H&H several times and it lets you know when that 270 grain bullet leaves the muzzle. Surprisingly accurate, but you really have to hold on. Hell of a carrying rifle, it is small and handles nice.
Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

I am sort of new to the Long Range seen and need some opinions, I know you all have some....haha

I am very close to getting a new rig, it was going to be a Bullberry Rig....but now after reading this post I want your opinions.
I have settled on the 260 caliber for my rig.
I was going to get an encore, with a full bull barrel at 24 inches.
I want this rig for shooting Missouri deer at a max distance of 600+, usually closer to 400 yards. Shooting out of permanent fixed stands with shooting rails/tables etc. I dont care about weight, this will not be a pack rig.

I understand that because of recoil and pressures in the big and short magnums the encore is not a good choice, but what about the short, reliable 308 case in the 260 Reminton? (or other standard cases).

I have friends with VERY accurate Encores, and have read many rave reviews for the Encores, especially with Bullberry Barrels.

Bottom Line - What is the most ACCURATE rifle/rig for under a $1000 for a FINISHED rifle (not including optics), in a 260?

Thanks for all your help!
Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

Where do you hunt in North MO? Can I go too?

Do you feel a heavy barreled R-700 will be more accurate than a BullBarreled Encore?
(in the same caliber)

thanks Kevin
Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..


Welcome. I go to MO (in N. middle of state) every year to hunt big whitetails, mainly with bow but stay over sometimes to gun hunt. Took 5 there this year in Nov and Dec. My nephew is your neighbor in Orchard Farms.

When you consider ranges to 600 yards easily if not more, ever present MO winds in the river bottoms (Nov and Dec) and whitetail bucks that normally go 200- 300+ lbs, I consider the 260 a little light for my tastes.

I have an encore 26 hvy barrel in 7mm mag that shoots .75 with 150-160s (good suitcase gun). that is as light as I want to go. I really prefer a 30 cal.

Nothing beats a good 30 caliber 180-190 gr high BC bullet for bucking wind and anchoring a big whitetail. 300 win mag, 300wsm are two top choices and can buy Savage, Rem or Win M70 Coyote for around $550-700. $150-200 for trigger, bedding, lugs lapped and with little load work should be .5-.75 gun.

Farrel 20 MOA base -$43.50 and Burris Signature rings ($50 or less)

Bausch and Lomb 4-16 or 6-24x 4200 scope. $350-400

If you are set on the 260, think Rem made some 700s in heavy barrel models that you might be able to find. Same work as above.

Good luck.


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Re: Mr Bullberry\'s opinion..

Fred makes some great barrels for the single shots , I've got a 243 that will shoot under 1/2" out of an Encore , has the hanger bar system , full bull barrel , Bellem hinge pin and reduced trigger spring.
As far as recoil goes , the encore has a strait stock and usualy weighs less that a bolt gun with the same length barrel which helps make the recoil a little more stiff.
if your heart is set on a single shot then you can have a very nice rig if you get one of Freds barrels and stocks , he cuts his stocks to have some cast off and a slight forward rake to the comb which helps reduce the felt recoil.
But if you goal is just a very accurate rig for under $1000 , then you can have a Rem 700 trued , rebarreled and stocked for about that maybe a little less.

As for the 260 , it might be a little light in the pants for shooting at bigger deer at that range , you could go with a 6.5-284 which would give you a little more gusto.
But if your gonna get one of Freds barrels in full bull and one of his stock sets then I don't think that even the 300Win mag would be to bad as far as recoil goes , and if it does bite a little ore that you like then throw a recoil reducer in the stock and a brake on it
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