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  1. Aussie_hunter

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    Aug 14, 2011
    I'm always making my own shooting targets but lately I've been wanting to make a moving target and most of the ideas don't really work ( the target only moves temporarily ) or I have to have another person with me. So if someone has made a moving target or has some ideas I would like to hear them. I'm happy with any speed the target can go slow or fast it doesn't matter
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    Jul 29, 2004

    I have seen and used several moving targets and the best one was a cable/wire that was spaced apart between two dryer pulleys and driven by a 12 volt DC motor and battery.

    The target was suspended from the cable and printed on both sides. It ran continuous and at any speed you wanted.

    I also saw one that had 3 pulleys, that gave you a quartering too and away shot plus a side shot.

    The simplest one was set up like a zip line and after being pulled up the cable was released by a pull rope from the shooting station. (Very simple but having help was always the best idea).

    Hope this helps.

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    May 21, 2008
    I've read of a mule deer hunter who shot at tires rolling down hill