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Apr 1, 2003
Fairbanks, Alaska
Hello All
I am somewhat new (very) to the long range shooting gig. I recently purchased an AR10A4(308) and am now ready to begin learning to shoot long distance. I just purchased a Leupold 6.5-20x50 fine duplex to put on top of the AR10. Can someone help me with ring or ring/riser combo so that I can shoot upto 1000 yards with this combo. As I gave an am and a couple of big toes for the scope I would like to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.
Thanks for any help.

I'm not familiar with the mounts S1 speaks of but I would guess if He says to get them, they don't need shimmed.

I for one do not shim scope mounts. I do use signature rings with the interchangeable inserts, but no shims. I just don't like the idea of changing the profile of the surfaces the scope sits on.

I use Loctite bearing retainer on my action to base surface junction. The overflow kinda takes the slop out of the screws and it at least makes me feel better about the surfaces matching in profile for my bases. However, EVERY time I remove the bases to work on the action ( it's a nesika bay piece of ****, so it needs worked on about weekly), the loctite is broken. Now, I have the screws about as tight as screws can get, and they are tapered head screws, so I figure they're holding about as good as anyones do, but the moral of the story is, don't stick any extra pieces in between your scope bases and action, there's plenty of things to go wrong just the way they are.

If you're saying, why don't you fix that, I'm making solid titanium keyed mounts to replace them. I just roughed the material today. I even considered TIG welding the bases to the action. I don't like it anyhow, so if I scrapped it, it'd be no loss.
Hey nice choice of guns-I love the Armalite with the floated grip AR10T-I have a Bsquare unit on my Colt 6724 flat top. I really like it because when I switch from day to night scope and back again it hits zero real nice!!
I think that you will find that these types of mounts are elevated so high from the bore that they are very good for long range. The height increases the angle of incidence(gee I hope I spelled that right)the same way that a long range base will. The Bsquare unit is roughly 3inches over the bore.
uafgrad -- I tried the B-square on my Rock River Varmint AR and it worked OK. But, I changed to an ARMS 36EX Extended Swan Sleeve with Warne Rings for more flexibility with scope size, ring placement and eye relief. A friend has the Armalite one piece on his AR-50 and it works great. If you want the one piece mount, the B-Square is nice, but the Armalite is better. Another factor, the B-Sq is only available in 1" and the Armalite in 1" & 30mm. The ARMS Swan Sleeve and your favorite rings give even more options. Good luck ... Mike

S1 -- I know this is the wrong thread, but I really liked the new 6.5 rifle. Thanks for the pics.
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