Mounting Help...PLEASE!!!!!


Apr 1, 2003
Fairbanks, Alaska
I have a Remington Sendero in 300 WM. Just got it. I have a Leupold 6.5x20x50 (1" tube) that has resided on my AR10. I would like to mount this onto my Sendero. I would like to have a good, solid mount, though I would like for it to be economical. Thanks in advance for any help.

My dad has an AR10 as well, and I believe he's been swapping one of his Springfield Armory scopes and rings between it and a new M700 in 338 WSM. If you're interested I can see what rings he's working with, I know the 1 piece Weaver style 20 MOA base is a Ken Farrell, which he gets from Sinclair.

The Farrell base is really nice and also a bit higher in the one piece than the others too, I'd recommend a 1 piece 20 MOA base ($42.50 Sinclair) and set the scope up in the rings to use on both if you need to. Wright down what MOA it takes to rezero when switching it from one to the other and repeatability with a sighter shot or two should work fine.

I'm pretty sure he's using Leupold QRW rings he got from Sinclair too, but I'll check if you want.
Thanks for the advice, sounds like the way to go for sure. Can someone post a link to Sinclair, I am having trouble finding it. Never been there before.
When I ordered straight from Farrell the price included the shipping. Really nice stuff. I have to contact them to see what will fit a Quadlite action!!!
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