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Sep 23, 2012
Does anyone know the quality of the Montana Rifle Company, they make what I am looking for but haven't heard much about them!
I don't have any recent experiences with them. My only exposure to them was 6 or 7 years ago, and I was quite unimpressed. Handsome it was, but rough as the switch I got as a kid, and I got quite a few of those.
Hopefully they are better now.
I just had a rifle in 300 wsm that was built on a montana action at my range for testing and load development and I was very unimpressed ,some of the problems might have come from the smith but from the action itself i didnt like it at all .I also so a piece on field & stream where one of the guys did a test on one ,it produced 1 1/2 moa groups at 100 yards so I wont ever buy one.
Best bet is to contact them, ask for a list of clients, then contact the people themselves. the net is full of "my brothers cousin's next door neighbor's twin sisters boyfriend had a?" type reply's. hard to judge from that.
I have a short action magnum I bought about 6 years ago, 300 WSM with lilja barrel. The action is rough, not smooth like newer actions. However, the accuracy is good. With my own loads, I can get very tight groups. This is not an action ready to go, it requires work by a smith.

I wouldn't discount the action, talk to MRC, maybe improvements have been made. They have excellent customer service. It is a tough action, not meant to be a long range or bench gun, but is a great action for a hunting rig. If they do a little work on making the actions smoother, I would certainly buy another.

It has an integral recoil lug and controlled round feed. Very hard to find at this price....
Talk to Wayne York, he owns oregunsmithing. Great guy and builds lots of guns with the MRC action. I am not sure he still builds guns, but if you can get in touch with him he can give you the right guidance based on what you want. If he still builds guns, would highly recommend him to do your work....

My last trip to the range, I have a 3 shot group in a clover leaf with my MRC action. I had to reload myself to get this grouping, never found a factory load that would shoot under 1", but not sure that was the gun so much. This is strictly a hunting rig, so this is exceeding my expectations for what i really need.
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